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Random Number Gaming was formed in 2014 by one man on a mission: To bring the greatest Trading Card Game into the world’s light – The Dragon Ball Z TCG developed by Panini Games/Score Entertainment. Since then, it has become this site’s mission to elevate the knowledge and set an example for friendly, clean competition to gamers everywhere.

Didier Greenleaf  – Owner 

By day, Didier holds a degree from The Pennsylvania State University in Chemical Engineering, several certifications from the American Society for Quality, and works for an international pharmaceutical company. By night, he is a loving husband, manages and creates content for Random Number Gaming, and has been a gamer since the moment he picked up a controller at the age of 10.  Former Admin and designer of RetroDBZ, Official Dragon Ball Z TCG Judge, and member of the FanZ design team.

Cynthia Greenleaf  – Manager 

Cynthia holds a degree in Psychology from Cedar Crest College and a degree in Journalism from Northampton Community College.  Cynthia has supported Random Number Gaming since its founding with her management and editing skills and is also married to pretty much the greatest guy in the universe. She enjoys gaming in her own right and  is a true completionist and a puzzle master, 100%’ing many games including Okami, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Mario 64, and the Legend of Zelda in various forms.

Content Creators

Random Number Gaming also has several content creators that help produce content (in alphabetical order):

Wayne Bettis, Zach Brandau, Nick Glaser, Cheyne Runnells, Azarith Stryffe

All challenges for Eeveelutions must be recorded Bo3 matches. To the victor goes the spoils. 

Ryan (Umbreon) has been attached to Didier’s hip the moment he realized he found a rival.  Ryan tries to convince the masses he’s not a gamer, but he’s probably the most decorated member of the group, having a plethora of cuts across nearly all variations of the Dragon Ball Z Card Game. A true Dragon Ball Card Game historian.

This site and content could not be possible without the dedicated support from the community and contributions from our Patreon. Special thanks to the founding patrons:

  • Charlie Studioso
  • Daniel Behee
  • Joshua Gregory
  • Stephen Sturges
  • Brian Loftus

Special thanks to Dev Feaser and Dying Breed Arts for development work on the RNG Site banner