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Random Number Gaming was formed in 2014 by one man on a mission: To bring the greatest Trading Card Game into the world’s light – The Dragon Ball Z TCG developed by Panini Games/Score Entertainment. Since then, it has become this site’s mission to elevate the knowledge and set an example for friendly, clean competition to gamers everywhere.


Didier Greenleaf  – Owner 

By day, Didier holds a degree from The Pennsylvania State University in Chemical Engineering, several certifications from the American Society for Quality, and works for an international pharmaceutical company. By night, he is a loving husband, manages and creates content for Random Number Gaming, and has been a gamer since the moment he picked up a controller at the age of 10.  He has written for multiple websites, produced several podcasts, and been a member of various game design teams providing his expertise and years of gaming experience.

Notable titles and achievements (titles in bold):

  • Top 64 – 2000 Wizard World Philadelphia Pokemon TCG Regional (Feraligatr Rainfall)
  • Official Dragon Ball Z/Expanded TCG Judge
  • Official Inuyasha TCG Judge
  • Top 32 – 2004 Wizard World Philadelphia Expanded DBZ Regional (Goku Freestyle MBS)
  • Top 8 – 2005 Wizard World Philadelphia Expanded DBZ Regional (Supreme West Kai Black CS)
  • Top 4 – 2005 DieCon Illinois Expanded DBZ Qualifier (Supreme West Kai Black CS)
  • Top 8 – 2006 Michigan Regional Re-Z DBZ (Krillin Colorless)
  • Top 8 – 2012 Retro DBZ TCG Championship (Vegeta Freestyle MBS)
  • Writer and Administrator for JustSaiyan.com and the RetroDBZ Facebook Group
  • RetroDBZ TCG Design Team Member
  • Top 2 – 2013 East Kai Championship Retro DBZ (Videl Black TS) 
  • Top 8 – 2013 GenCon Retro DBZ TCC Championship (Majin Vegeta Saiyan TS)
  • Top 4 – 2013 GenCon Retro DBZ Saturday Tuff Enuff (Krillin Freestyle MBS)
  • Top 4 – 2014 GenCon Retro DBZ TCG Championship (Majin Vegeta Saiyan TS) 
  • Champion – 2014 GenCon Retro DBZ Saturday Tuff Enuff (Vegeta Freestyle MBS)
  • Official Panini DBZ TCG Judge
  • Top 16 – 2016 Panini DBZ ARG National Championship (Trunks Black Devious)
  • Top 8 – 2017 Panini DBZ ARG National Championship (Trunks Red Ruthless)
  • FanZ DBZ Trading Card Game Team Member
  • Champion – 2017 ToyCon Championship Star Wars Destiny (eJabba/eDooku)
  • Top 64 – 2017 GenCon Star Wars Destiny National Championship (eJabba/eDooku)
  • Champion – 2017 GenCon Fusion DBZ Championship (Vegeta Freestyle MBS) 

Cynthia Greenleaf  Social Media Manager/Writer 

Cynthia holds a degree in Psychology from Cedar Crest College and a degree in Journalism from Northampton Community College.  Cynthia has supported Random Number Gaming since its founding with her management and editing skills and is also married to pretty much the greatest guy in the universe. She enjoys gaming in her own right and  is a true completionist and a puzzle master, 100%’ing many games including Okami, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Mario 64, and the Legend of Zelda in various forms.


Current Eevelutions: Didier – Flareon, Ryan – Umbreon, Wayne – Vaporeon,
Alex – Espeon, Azarith – Jolteon

All challenges for Eeveelutions must be recorded Bo3 matches. To the victor goes the spoils. 


Ryan Lewis has been attached to Didier’s hip the moment he realized he found a rival in one 16 year old boy.  Ryan tries to convince the masses he’s not a gamer, but he’s probably the most decorated member of the group, having a plethora of cuts across nearly all variations of the Dragon Ball Z Card Game. A true Dragon Ball Card Game historian.

Notable achievements :

  • Top 16 – 2002 Wizard World Philadelphia Score DBZ Regional (Orange A19 Energy/Drill/Anger)
  • Top 16 – 2003 Wizard World Philadelphia Score DBZ Regional (Piccolo Namekian ‘Bling’)
  • Top 8 – 2003 I-Con New York Score DBZ Regional (Orange Vinegar Energy/Drill)
  • Top 32 – 2003 Origins National Championship Score DBZ (Orange Cell Physical/Energy/Drill Hybrid)
  • Top 32 – 2004 Wizard World Philadelphia Expanded DBZ Regional (Orange Trunks Dende Beatball)
  • Top 64 – 2004 Origins World Championship Expanded DBZ (Orange SWK OVA)
  • Champion – 2005 Wizard World Philadelphia Expanded DBZ Regional (Orange SWK OVA)
  • Top 2 – 2014 North Kai Championship Retro DBZ (Namekian Cell Ally)
  • Top 2 – 2014 GenCon Retro DBZ TCG Championship (Namekian Cell Ally)
  • Top 8 – 2015 GenCon Retro DBZ TCG Championship (Namekian Cell Ally)
  • Top 4 – 2015 North Kai Championship Panini DBZ (Namekian Knowledge Piccolo)
  • Top 4 – 2015 Toronto Canada Qualifier Panini DBZ (Orange Adaptive Ginyu)
  • Top 8 – 2016 Virginia Regional Panini DBZ (Orange Adaptive Yamcha)
  • Top 8 – 2016 New Hampshire Regional Panini DBZ (Orange Adaptive A20)
  • Top 2 – 2017 GenCon Fusion DBZ Championship (Master Roshi Red TS DBV/MPPV)


The days the Wayne “Dakid” Bettis isn’t spitting hot licks in the nerd underground, he is busy winning tournaments and turning every fringe deck he touches to gold. The Mr. Miyagi of Dragon Ball Z, Wayne’s zen and wisdom are cornerstone to the success of Team Eevee

Notable achievements :


  • Top 8 – 2015 New York Panini DBZ Regional (Krillin Black Devious)
  • Top 4 – 2016 New Hampshire Panini DBZ Regional (Tien Black Devious)
  • Top 4 – 2017 GenCon FanZ DBZ Championship (Trunks Orange Retribution)
  • Champion – 2017 OCTGN WMAT #1 FanZ DBZ (Tien Black Perceptive)
  • Champion – 2017 OCTGN WMAT #2 FanZ DBZ (Slug Namekian Radiant)


Every group needs a Maknae and for Team Eevee that’s Alex Sabott. While he finds equal love in other games such as World of Warcraft and UFS, whenever he does pick up a Dragon Ball Z deck, he’s an unstoppable force and an excellent midrange and control player.

Notable achievements :

  • Top 16 – 2016 New Hampshire Panini DBZ Regional (Red Enraged Cooler)
  • Top 4 – 2016 ARG Panini Worlds Qualifier (Saiyan Dynamic Cell)
  • Top 8 – 2017 Panini DBZ ARG National Championship (Red Ascension Cooler)


The newest addition to Team Eevee and resident Random Number Gaming singer, Azarith Stryffe enjoys a good Saiyan beats deck while dipping into the more control oriented Supreme Kai recently. After a short stint with Star Wars Destiny, he’s back with a vengeance and looking to stake his claim in the FanZ competitive circuit,.

Notable achievements :


  • Top 8 – 2016 Chicago Panini  DBZ Regional (Saiyan Empowered Turles)
  • Champion – 2017 Cincinnati Slobbernocker (Black Mischievous Bardock)



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