South Kai Championship Tournament Report

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South Kai Tournament Report, Wayne “Dakid” Bettis, 19 Players

Black Mischievous SK
Black Mischievous SK

So the journey started in New Jersey with a drive to Baltimore to meet the rest of the crew followed by a flight into New Orleans. The night before all four of us were playing games into the wee hours of the night, trying to come to a decision on what decks to play. Then I had an epiphany. I told them that we had traveled too far and spend too much money to 0-2 drop. We should play the best decks. It was then that Oppressive Kid Trunks was put on the bench and mischievous SK was on deck. I had abandoned all the plans to have fun in favor of results. Here’s what happened.

Round 1
Jordan W – Resourceful Hercule

I win the roll. I learned that belt is broke. I dropped three balls quickly. He unleashed to 3 quickly and got tree which fetched combination drill that continuously nuked my efficiency drills. But I was able to keep him at bay with some timely delays and a time combat and managed to eek out ball victory before he could really start slapping me around. The deck is really dope though. I believe that this deck can thrive in the current environment. 
1-0 (W)
MVP – Black Delay

Round 2
Alex S – Resourceful Majin Vegeta

I win the roll. Started off strong shutting him out. He dominanced to level two and all of a subben…I’m stuck. He had stuck a few setup attacks but I was able to nuke one with erasing drill but forgot to use it a second time when SKs power hit and it ended up costing me as he rolled me with his sea of physical attacks from F town. 
1-1 (L)
MVP – Majin Vegeta 2

Round 3
Shek Wes aka Bobby 
Ruthless Majin vegeta

I win the roll again. Soooo turn one smoothness for me. He enters on me I see time. And I am able to use bau cards to keep my discard clear and stick kibito. I was able to recycle time for three combats. He eventually got concussive strike and stopped my shinanigans but by then i had a huge lead. He could not recover. Solid dude. He should have been flipping tables but he said that he was used to the shinanigans due to his play group. This man really entered the tournament under the name Shek Wes…Legend.
2-1 (W)
MVP – Time

Round 4
Dan Behee
Combative Trunks (vengeance)

I win an epic dice roll. Idk why but I came into this expecting him to rocket anger. I don’t know shyt about shyt. He did mention before we started that he thought the match was 50/50. Which I thought was weird because I’m stoopid and I thought he was on anger. But he was a drill deck. And around the second turn I realized. Soo I am able to stick a few dragon balls and recollection drill and start milling a bit. He spends his efforts attempting to retrieve the drills in is discard. I established a smoothness and was eeking out a bunch or small wins in combat. All the while he builds a wall of drills and now I’m like ok the orange destruction is coming so above everything I have to make sure that I hold a sphere otherwise I’ll be millin 14ish cards. Well I ate one and was able to disrupt the second one. Dan told em after the game that there was a third one in the mix but I ended combat with a power up. In the end he gets his deflection drill but it was too late at that point. Good match. Dan is a riot.
3-1 (W)
MVP – Halt/sphere

Round 5
Ant T
Radiant future Gohan

He wins roll. Turn 1 ball 2 me up. First combat backlash banish kibito. Still almost got there on em but he balled out. Because I couldn’t get through the ally wall with my optics. He wins by Dragonball victory. This deck really showcases the strength of Future Gohan. That -1 mod though out the course of a game adds up and keeps sinister chokes out of crit range which is really rough when you are trying to steal some balls to try to stop the inevitable Dragonball Victory. 
3-2 (L)
MVP – Future Gohans -1 mod/ Piccolo

On to top cut with me as the 6th seed. Also the whole squad I traveled with is in top cut.. bound to be some team killing right.

Top 8
Kevin Dennis
Misch SK (Mirror)

Our decks were different in a few ways. One of the most notable is he only runs 3 hard energy blocks so my plan going in was to Banish Kevin’s energy blocks and stick an efficiency drill. Anything else was secondary. I started with drawing kibito and smoothness in the first three cards…that definitely helps. I imagine that it deterred dennis from entering combat with me. Soon after the bst came and I executed the plan. With his blocks gone I was able to throw my power for 5 life knowing that it would land. For the most part it worked out as I assumed it would. I hate it had to be Mr Kevin Lettuce, but that’s how it goes I guess.
4-2 (W)
MVP – Smoothness Drill

Top 4
Alex S
Resourceful Majin Vegeta (Rematch)

So as y’all may remember he was able to beat me before because his level two kept me from getting out of combat with telepathy or power up so, this time the game plan was try to keep him on one long enough to build a board and go from there. I was able to BST a couple of his dominance’s which made me feel a lil safe but of course he drew the third but it wasn’t until mid game. Now he’s on two with a decent amount of setups in play. The difference this time is I have a black erasing drill. So each time I land an energy I’m taking away one of his assets. So that was dope. Secondly I was able to land defensive burst in a couple combats. Not to sound braggadocios but I had a very healthy deck size when the game finished. Unfortunately Alex couldn’t get it going in this one. But I tell you what. He is one of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. He picked up, dropped off, and showed the jerz group around the city. We appreciate you bro and can’t wait to return the favor.
5-2 (W)
MVP – Black Defensive Burst

My last game did not take long so now I’m watching the game that would determine my opponent in the finals (Joey vs Ant T). I wanted absolutely no parts of Ant and his future Gohan. That mod and the ally wall is just too problematic but if I had to play him the plan was banish piccolo early and hope for the best. I look over to the table and Of course..Ant is WORKING JOEY. It was looking like a blowout but a late game ball 7, a couple time loops featuring blue terror and Joey squeezes the win out. So as I’m thinking about how I want to approach the matchup. Alex comes up to me and says congrats on the Tournament of Power and the card and it took me a second to realize and in the back of my mind I thought that’s cool but I reeeeally want to beat Joey.

Joey D
Protective SK

The strategy here was banish blue stylish pose. And go for dragon ball victory. I assumed that joeys deck had a higher attack count to make better use of the mastery so getting into a slugfest with him wouldn’t be in my favor. I was able to land a couple balls early I was able to grab a couple more dragon balls by using black deceleration on kami. But ultimately he was able to stick double stylish pose along with a heroic plan. I spent the rest of the game depending on my optic blasts but he was able to stick a blue mental drill and pick me apart. 
5-3 (L)
MVP- Blue Stylish Pose

If you have ever watched My Hero Academia then you remember how bakugo felt after he won the sports festival. That is literally how I felt. Technically I won but to me it wasn’t a true win. It’s gonna be cool goin to the Tournament of Power and helping to design a card but in that moment I just wanted to beat Joey. He’s my guy and if I had to lose to someone glad it was him. I drowned my sorrows with more New Orleans culture then we all returned home.

One of the take always from the trip was regions are vastly different. Down south they play a TON of physical beats, where as in the east you can always expect controlly and midrange decks. It was really an eye opener. Good luck to the rest of you guessing the meta for the remaining regions. Lastly the deck performed how I expected it would. If I had space though I would like to add a couple controlled energy bursts. Adding them would pretty much sure up the decks weakness to anger. I would have but more energy and found a way to add it but I figured that people would be scared to run anger due to blues recent popularity and success. That’s all folks. Shouts out to all the homies new and old! See you at the ToP.

Black Mischievous SK Deck List
Black Mischievous SK Deck List

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