Red Ruthless Majin Vegeta Championship Deck List

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Two time champion deck list Red Ruthless Majin Vegeta, winning the Slobberknocker tournament and WMAT 4 tournament. Didier goes over his card choices and general strategy on how to play the deck.

1x Red Ruthless Mastery
1x Vegeta – Untethered Rage
1x Vegeta – Malicious
1x Vegeta – Relentless
1x Vegeta – Redeemed

3x Vegeta’s Final Flash
2x Red Forceful Strike
3x Red Blocking Hand
3x Red Double Strike
3x Red Furious Lunge
3x I’ll Dig Your Grave!
2x Red Stomach Dive
3x Red Tandem Attack
3x Red Shoulder Grab
3x Red Sword Stab
3x Concussive Strike
3x Red Collision
3x Red Heel Kick

1x Red Restriction
2x Stare Down
1x Red Observation
3x Unleashed
2x Red Inferno
1x Red Brace
3x Red Disregard
3x Red Resourceful Block
3x Red Escape
1x Time is a Warrior’s Tool

3x Vegeta’s Prideful Challenge

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