MetaX Batman Event Previews Round 2 !

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Greetings Internet, Didier here again with more MetaX previews from the new set Batman. The release date is just around the corner so let’s revel these cards in all their glory. We saved the best for last (though, we do LOVE Battle Cards). These last previews are sure to add into many tier two decks making them instantly competitive or create decks of their own. I AM THE HYPE

Kicking it off with some bread and butter, this card is the greatest since Betty White. It reminds me of Savage Beatdown from the VS System with its thrust of the muscular crusader. This card will surely enable any decks that use weak control characters like Mogo. It will be much easier to bridge the gap in damage from the heavy 7 rank hitters. Even in decks that are aggressive, targeted removal is necessary. Save your battle cards for Victory Points and clear that field for only 3 MP. Comparing to the staples of old, the value/cost is pretty solid with this. I’m sure we’ll be seeing this card give control decks a bump.

Remember when I said that some of these cards will create whole decks? I’ll be honest and say…as I’ve been reading characters with effects that trigger off basic battle cards such as the new Cat Woman, I haven’t seen the point. Battle cards (as in, the non-basic ones) have too high of an impact in my opinion. However, this card completely changes the game. Single handily Prison Cycle will fuel your deck with as many Battle Cards as it needs. Now you only have to worry about characters to throw them. At 0 MP, you can use this at any time for the killing blow or a wall of defense. Start making lists…now !

Rounding out the events, who doesn’t love some Batty and Supes support? Immediately I’ll say, triggering this won’t be the easiest. Yes… I know there’s tutors and cycling out there. Keep in mind you do need to have 3-4 of these two, specific, characters on the play field to get any value out of this. The bad aside, Batman and Superman are two of the most powerful (both by actual power and main character power) characters in the game. You’ll have a ton of characters to choose from AND get to recycle Batman’s when played effects. You’ll likely keep this as a 1 or 2 of in your deck as it is most useful mid to late game after you’ve gotten out most of your characters. I don’t expect to see this card overtake the meta, but surely a niche deck will make it shine.


The final preview that RNG has to offer. SPOILERS! This card is insane. A very technical card that will require some luck, finesse, and support. When you pull it off, however, you will reap the rewards. Use Spoiler offensively to attack without your opponent being able to respond. Keep in mind, IT’S ACTIVE FOR TWO OF YOUR TURNS. Until the end of your next turn strangle your opponent and regain that edge. Use Spoiler defensively and build a wall. Combine with targeted milling effects (remember the Intelligence 7 we previewed last time?) to lock your opponent out of other ranks, limiting their options, and calling correctly. Add in Echolocation or other effects to look at your opponent’s hand and never miss. Know your opponent is building around a certain Battle Card? Completely derail their strategy. My favorite card of our previews. I truly saved the best for last. At 5 HP and with INT and SPE, Spoiler isn’t a push over either. Control players rejoice.


We are excited of the new cards and archetypes that this set will bring. MetaX Batman launches June 29th so get your wallets ready.


Here’s hoping set 5 is One for All. PANINI HEAR MY CRIES!!

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